Sunday, 1 September 2013

So, a blog?

As a friend of mine pointed out today, everyone who's ever ridden their bike on a fun ride has a blog these days. Ever susceptible to following the crowd (and ever resistant to sarcastic remarks from friends), I thought I might jot something down. This blog is mainly about my passion for all things mountain bike. I am a recent convert to the fat tyre, and like many of the newly converted, I have developed a somewhat evangelical passion.  If this blog inspires someone to get out and go for a ride, feel the wind in their hair* and the satisfaction of coming home caked in mud often proudly sporting a new bruise or scrape, then I will have achieved something. Even better, if I can inspire more women to mountain bike, because we are vastly outnumbered, and that’s just crazy! Why should boys have all the fun? *obviously through the vents of a standard approved cycle helmet 

And why Peg’s Wheels?

Well Peggy is short for Margaret (no, I don't know why, it just is) and so I'm aka Peg (or Pegasus when I'm flying). And the wheels bit is self-explanatory. Watch this space to read about why I spend most of my spare time pedaling. 


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